Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cold weather has arrived!!

Usually mommy gets super excited to wear boots (which I am) but now I have another reason to be excited when the cold weather arrives...hats for Jack!!
He wasn't happy at first... check out that lip! hahaha...but it soon turned into smiles and off we went to lunch! He is having a sleep over tonight with Gma Strehlow and Kevin, as mommy is going to a bachelorette party! Whoo hoo!


Roger and Nicky said...

Oh my goodness that lower lip melts my heart!!!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

That picture of little Jack poking his lip out is just so sweet! I love how he does that just before he's about to cry!! I love baby hat weather!!! SO FUN!!! In fact it's getting chilly here too, so I bought Christian a cute little fleece hat that goes over his ears and has a little poof on the top! I'm just glad he actually likes to wear hats!