Thursday, August 6, 2009

Morning Snuggles....

So Jack has acid reflux :( We called the Pedi yesterday and she prescribed him Prevacid 15mg. Poor baby is not eating enough b/c his little tummy hurts and he doesn't sleep well either. I am very much looking forward to this medication kicking in so that my sweet boy can get some relief. When we finally do get him down to sleep (usually around midnight) he does at least sleep in three hour stretches, waking at 3 am and 6 am. After his 6 am feeding he usually doesn't like to go back to his crib so we do snuggle session for 2 hours. This morning Daddy got out the camera and took a picture of us sleeping. I however look less than desirable so I put the focus on Mr. Jack! He has such a little angel face when he is sleeping.

Wish us luck that the medication kicks in soon!
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Jane C. said...

Such a precious pic!!! Do you use photoshop to do that? Your pics always look great!!