Sunday, August 9, 2009

Birthday Fun

We got invited to our first birthday party!! One of Kevin's best buddies, John Weaver, has the cutest little girl Lacy and she was turning 2! Kevin and I were really nervous to take Jack to the party, as we didn't know how he would take all the excitement of a two year olds party. However he did WONDERFUL! He was so amazed by all the artwork in the Weaver home and was occupied for hours. I think the constant talking of all the guests also helped soothe our little guy. As you can see Lacy has the coooooolest birthday cake ever! I will be getting this bakers number because not only did she do an AMAZING job, but it tasted GREAT too! Which sometimes is hard to come by with cakes...
The pizza (although I did not eat looked SO good, and was the largest freaking pizza I have ever laid my eyes on. Kevin was in heaven :) The Weaver house as you can see is so much fun and we took a few pictures playing around in the theater. Looking forward to hanging out with John & Heather again soon! Thanks guys for a great day!! Ohhhh and Jack slept 6 hours last night!!! WHOOOT WHOOT

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Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

Love that cake! And that pic of Jack in the theater chair is hilarious! He's all, "Hurray for movies!"