Saturday, November 23, 2013

Elmwood Farm

I was always knew that kids develop their own friendship but I'm not sure if I have ever taken the time in my blog to talk about Elliott. Jack and Elliott met at St. Martins when they were 2 years old and instantly became friends on the first day. We were told during our parent meetings how great Jack was doing with his preschool work but that often he was having to be separated from a little guy named Elliott because they were just not able to listen when together. Once I saw them in action I just couldn't stop smiling, they really are the best of friends. When they were 2 years old they didn't talk much they just laughed and almost had a code like talk to each other. Since they they have increased their talking of course but they still have this silly sweet laugh that just sets them off. With this little friendship blossoming I have become friends with E's Mom and she has been so sweet allowing me to pick up E several times to take him with us for play dates. While she didn't owe me anything for that (its easier when Jack has someone to run around with!) they were so nice to invite us to their farm for the weekend. She made it clear that the farm is still in progress so it would be more like a camping experience, which we were totally fine with! This farm has been in their family for quite some time and the portion that they received had an old school house on it. So they are in the process of renovating it and we can't wait to return when its all done. Its an amazing property to relax and let the littles run free.

You can see the drywall just got nailed in!

They boys earned their keep!

And of course in Jack fashion... he got a cut from barb wire... I freaked for a minute but we dressed it as best we could and off he ran to play. Nothing like a rusty ol fence to teach you where the boundaries of the farm are...

Such amazing weather and curious little boys!

Kitchen was going in while we were there!

These boys played from sun up to sun down! It was the best sight to see boys just play in the dirt!!
We finally let them have their iPads on the last night and they fell asleep together in this spaceship they made together. They slept all night in there and in the morning I heard them giggling again while waking up :)  Pretty much the cutest thing ever!
Back at the dirt...

We ended our time with another walk and so many thank yous when we parted, such a wonderful weekend!!

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