Tuesday, October 15, 2013

You've been BOOED

Last year I wanted to BOO so bad with Jackson but he didn't really understand it so I just played along with a few friends while I did the work. This year Jack was so excited to go drop treats, doorbells and RUN back home so they couldn't see you. Of course running with a 4 year lends to getting caught most of the time. But that kinda makes it fun too :) 
We met up with the Odom boys and went further down the street to get a few of our friends. We had a few sneak attacks and hid behind trees. The boys had such a blast tip toeing down the street and then running like banshees after they rang the door bell. We did a mix of treats. Some fun dollar store boxes with trinkets while others got vampire donuts to keep for breakfast. Jack was so cut when making them and of course snuck in a few morsels himself. 
Love love love fall and all the fun it has to offer such the littles! (And I'm pretty sure I had fun too!) 

I'm not sure how all the Moms guessed it was us...muah hahahahahaha but I loved getting a few vamp pictures back! Night night my little loves!

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