Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall fun

I love the start of fall for its the time when all the festivals start around town! Today we woke up early and did the Cornelius pumpkin patch with our friends Blaire and Wes. This year was great because they added Mad Science and the kids really enjoyed this while us moms got to chat and admire all the amazing flowers/pumpkins Cornelius had. 


After Mad Science the kids planted a flower of their choice. 

Then it was over to the pumpkin decorating table. Where our pumpkin received lots of eyes :)

A quick story time (this year was really well put together! And all of this is free!)
A few snaps with the pumpkins. 

One last craft. 
And then everyone came over to our house for a little play time. We live right across the street from the nursery so it was fun to have a morning play date right after the fun at Cornelius. Love these fall mornings. Now if the weather would cool down a little it would be absolutely perfect! 

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