Thursday, September 12, 2013

The best Aunt award goes to......

 Aunt Stacy!
We were all going over to Kevin's parents house for an afternoon lunch when she not only marched in with a brand new beautiful baby (Emily), her 1 year old little boy Ethan, a fully cooked delish crockpot brisket and......ingredients to make a fresh baked PUMPKIN pie! I was blown away how thoughtful that was given all that she has on her plate :) 
Jack was so excited to make this with Aunt Stacy, and it was so tasty that we have asked for repeats during Thanksgiving!

Thank you again Aunt Stacy for being so kind and thoughtful and thanks to Gran for letting us test drive in your beautiful new kitchen!

In between baking we did lots of snuggle time with our precious niece!

 The boys were busy checking out the upstairs. There is a walkable storage space and Jack knows that's where Gran keeps all her purchased toys. So I think he was trying to have Ethan come up there with him to break in :) These two are going to have a blast together as they grow up!

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