Saturday, September 28, 2013


Here are a few things that have been going on with our world. 

Lots of riding our bike in the evening. 

Our bayou access at the park was flooded with rain. The usual tranquil waters turned muddy with debris. It was fun to check out and watch the water rush down. Glad to say its back to normal now. But look how high it got! Yikes. 

Daddy has been playing lots of golf. He had two different tournaments this week. It's nice to be the client now and get invited :)  
He deserves the golf because he has been working so hard. We are so so so proud of Daddy and his promotion to Chief Counsel!! Such a VIP in our lives :)
School has been keeping us busy! A magician visited and Jackson LOVED it, ever since he has been doing magic tricks for us. Ha We have our fall conferences in Oct and we are excited to hear how our boy is doing. He has been coming home with green check cards everyday which means excellent. So far so good!  

We have such a fun group of neighbors (out to dinner with the ladies on my street) and I'm looking forward to the neighborhood Halloween party! 
We still do weekly play dates with Jackson's best friend Elliott. We are sad that he is moving to Poland for 6 months. I haven't had the heart to tell Jack yet. I'm hoping 6 months passes by fast! Until then we are soaking up our time. We will be going to their ranch in Nov for a bestie weekend retreat. So fun and the boys can't wait! 

The other day we played hooky from school and had lunch with Daddy. What a treat!!

Last weekend I took Jack to the Children's Museum and we just happen to run into his school friend Ruslan. So fun!

Talk about getting older. Jack is starting to do things he was afraid of before! Go Jack!!

Happy mail day to Jack from Papa and Edith!! What a fun surprise to get this wall art of his name. Each block is a photo of an object which resembles a letter. Jack loved the baseball as the O in his name. Thanks so much!!! Oh and he also loved the bubble wrap an packing peanuts. Ha 

This guy has been practicing really hard at dressing himself. The life of an only child... Reading since 2 years old but can't dress himself because we do it for him. Oops :) at least he picked out matching shoes, right?

Well that's all for now. The boys are off at the donut shop and I'm going to enjoy my morning before Daddy leaves on his boys golf weekend. (I have a lot of nice wife points banked! Ha) 


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