Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gran to the rescue

We had a double booking of events with myself to attend my HOA board meeting and Kevin to attend a client dinner. So we called up Gran last minute and she was so kind to come over with our family friend Gokul and watch Jack for a few hours. While they were playing games I overheard him correct her as she called herself Grandma and he said "you mean Gran". Ha
He kept them busy I'm certain!
Right before I left two of the neighbor boys walked into the house and said they wanted to come in and play with Jack. While normally I would have welcome those sweet loves in the house, Gran signed up to take care of one boy so I told the boys another time because Gran was here. One of the boys shrugged his shoulders like who cares I want to play with Jack not this lady Gran. Hahaha and he followed with "Oh it will be ok. Come on we won't be that rowdy". We all got a chuckle out it.

Thank y'all soooo much for coming over and letting our boy entertain you with candy land and all the other million games he made you play :)

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