Monday, August 5, 2013

Hi. Miss us?

We haven't posted in a while. We are so busy these days and sometimes it's just easier to post a picture on other social media but I wanted to post a few pictures from this morning.
Jack woke up with a fever. I think he had an ear infection which wouldn't surprise me with all the swimming we have been doing. We are at the dentist now. Hoping for a good report. While I try to limit his sugar and I think we do a good job at it ...he insists that he brushes his teeth. So hopefully he has been doing a good job :)
He starts school in just a few weeks and I plan to start back up documenting more school days.
He is so opinionated these days and he constantly is making us laugh. This morning he was trying to justify that his underwear wasn't dirty because he just slept in them. Oh jeez. Um no. They are dirty and we must change them NOW. I won the battle. We got in the car and he has his finger digging deep for gold and told me he found a "wittle booger". Oh the joys of being a boy mom. Hoping we get all this out of the way before school starts. We are off to two more beach vacations before the school year and then its time to buckle down!
Ill post pictures from Galveston and Corpus Christi soon! Oh and Jack you are doing good with the teeth. Love your little pearly whites. Xo

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