Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sea World San Antonio

 A few weekends ago we tagged along side our friends The George Family for their kids birthday celebration. We had Sea World tickets that we had purchased at a silent auction and so it was a perfect time to join the group for a good time. (Typical fashion however we left the tickets at home and had to purchase new ones, so we will be going back soon, and maybe trying out Aquatica next time). 

We arrived on Thursday for our 5 day trip and looked as if we were staying for a month :)  Jackson was super stoked about staying somewhere other than his house and took full advantage of checking out the hotel when we arrived.

 We ended up with a great suite that had two bedrooms, 
two bathrooms and a large living room in between the rooms. 
Basically spanned across three hotel rooms and it was much needed for these kiddos to run around!

We all got settled in, the Dads went golfing and we hung out with the kids and had a few glasses of wine :)
 Later that evening we checked all the kids into the the Westin Kids Club while the adults had dinner.

 We walked around the resort before dinner and checked out all the amazing views the Westin La Cantera had to offer, it was so serene and relaxing (when the kids are at WKC of course, ha!)

The next morning we woke up to some crazy chilly Texas weather. 
So we packed up and headed out for Sea World with sweaters on. 

 The wind was blowing pretty hard, and Jack was not interested in taking any pictures that morning, so I snapped what I could and moved right along.

 The best part of Sea World was the Shamu show, Jack actually still talks about the show and even as an adult I was highly impressed! I however am sad to say that I didn't think Sea World was worth the $50 ticket per person. While we stayed until mid afternoon, there just wasn't a ton for the kids to do. Being that it was cold we couldn't have them go through the Bay of Play water area. Maybe had it been warm I could have seen the value in the ticket, but I think we all were a little disappointed.
But nonetheless we still enjoyed each others company and made it fun for the kids.

  This might be my most favorite picture of the trip. The WKC had given the kids a backpack with a camera in it from the previous night and Jackson was snapping away pictures of Shamu. Just so precious!

 While Jack looks ready to go in this picture... he was NOT a fan of the shamu rollacoaster. He was crying the entire time the ride was in motion and told us several times since then that he wasn't not going to ride Shamu anymore because he was too fast. Sweet boy...ha

 So we headed over to rides and attractions that were a little more his speed :)


 Sea World tuckered him out!
 After a little rest the kids were back up and ready to go check out the pool. It had finally warmed up a little for us to toss on the swim suits and head out.

That evening we were once again excited to be able to drop the kids off at the WKC....

that was until we got a call from them about Jackson. We were having before dinner drinks when the call came that we needed to come down because Jack was bleeding. Long story short he somehow hit his head on either a toy or an edge of the wall and split it right open.  It was awful and of course this happened on vacation, we cant catch a break while on vacation, that's for certain. 
So we rushed him over to the ER and ended up with 3 staples in his head.Ouch!

But with all that drama on Friday night, he bounced back and was ready to go on Saturday. I had called our pediatrician which confirmed as long as we cleaned the laceration he would be fine to go in the water and do normal activities. So we carried on and were so excited to see the twins and Jacks godparents!
 They came down on Saturday to stay the rest of the trip with all of us.

 While staying at the hotel we got to see the LA Lakers basketball team, as they were staying at our hotel too for the playoffs. The little boy in the picture doing smores with us is Steven Blakes son. 
It was pretty fun and entertaining to run in and hang out with the players at different times during our stay!

 (This was at 2 am, so not sure why they are posing like this, but still fun to say you got your drinks paid by the Lakers and beat them in shuffle board! ha)

 After smores we decided the kids still needed some more sugar so we headed upstairs for an ice cream break.

We dropped the kids later that night at WKC and had dinner at the resort with the 6 of us. 

On our last day there we had Discovery Junction all to ourselves which was pretty nice. They have on the hotel property bounce houses and an enclosed area for the kids to run around and play. It was good to get some energy out for the drive home!

The Dads joined in on the fun right away :)

 Then it was time for a little table out for Jack he is serious about the game! ha

 We took a bus ride down to the shops at La Cantera for lunch while the George family jumped in the pool

 Such a fun and exhausting trip all at the same time! What great memories for the kiddos, I know they will remember this trip for a long time to come!



Lili said...

we loved that resort - esp the activities for kids and the bounce houses in the back!

did tweety bird make an appearance?

Jane said...

Looks like a FUN time (except the staples part). Great pics at SeaWorld! I need a vacay, just a little one :).