Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Annual Neighborhood Egg Hunt

 This year was our 4th annual egg hunt with our dear friends, The Kozar Family. Though we don't live next door anymore, Debbie messaged me a few weeks back and said how she was getting sad we were not doing an egg hunt. So last minute we pulled together a slimmed down version of our prior years. We kept it to neighbors and Jacks best friends so that we could pull it all together with just a few days. We had fresh fruit, a few things to snack on, beverages for the moms and juice boxes for the kids. We opted in for the jump house again and it really went over so well. It was much more manageable to clean up at the end and it was nice to get to chat with everyone just a little longer this year. The kids had a blast and everyone had baskets full of eggs, it was another great year and I'm so glad Debbie pushed us along to have it again. I am looking forward to the 5th annual, and hoping our boys let us do this for quite some time to come!


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