Monday, December 10, 2012


I started this blog so that our parents would feel as if they are right with us for everything we do with Jackson, its been so fun to get the calls when they read the posts and share in the excitement right along with us. Having Jackson has been such a blessing to us, and we love being able to share our adventures.
While blogging we have also met some of the greatest friends, I never would have thought this little ol' blog would have put some of our best family friends in our lap through the interweb. When a mom that was moving from Colorado messaged over a year ago, telling me that she loved to see all the things we do with Jack so that she could get ideas for her family on their upcoming move to Houston, it made me smile.
Our blog has not only reached our family but we have struck up such dear friendships. 
You often find that Moms can get along famously but at times getting the Dads on board might be a little more challenging. But when we introduced our two husbands they got along so well and made it so easy for us always to get together as a big group with kids in tow. This weekend we met up for dinner and took the kids bowling and had a complete blast. While this adorable family lives in the Woodlands now, we make it a point to get together often as our kids play so well together, plus the new addition to their family Anne, makes my heart melt when I hold her! 

Sometimes you know you were meant to be friends from the start! (pardon our blurry picture)


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