Monday, November 5, 2012


 As you know I like to keep busy, working from home I get no interaction with adults in person, so getting out on the weekends is something I love to do. Our friends The Grabows have a zoo membership and took us up on the offer to join. We ended up getting in free with the pass which was nice! The boys had their own agendas during the day so it made it a little challenging for the Mamas to catch up on whats been going on, but we had a fun time. They had to leave for a nap and so we continued on the tour of the zoo and then even took a detour to the train before we left. We took the train half way around got off and played in the water for a while and then caught the train back to the station. We planned it all perfectly as it started to rain just when we were leaving. We gave Daddy a little R&R back at home and it was nice to check out the zoo for the day with our friends!


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