Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall is here

 I have always loved fall for the weather, but having a kid makes it so much more fun because of all the festivals that happen during this time. A few weekends ago we got invited to my friend Chasity's neighborhood for the fall festival and Jackson had a blast.
For $20 he got to play and do whatever he wanted for as many times as he wanted.
He really was into the games and wanted to have Daddy take him to the next one.
This year felt like we were really able to engage on everything the festival had to offer and that was pretty neat!

 I can understand why he got up close, there were bucks of candy waiting to grab from if he hooked one! ha

 We got our money worth out of this little train!

 Our little buckaroo!
 It Jack a few times to get this but he finally hula'd a pumpkin!

 These two were my favorites when I was little, the treasure dig and the duck grab.
 Look at that form, those bottles didn't have a chance with that toss! :)
 Sweet Sugar Mommies and the cutest little toddlers around! Thanks Chas for inviting us over so fun!


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