Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birthday blast

We had a weekend full of birthdays, three parties to celebrate 4 special people!
First up was a drive to Sky High Jump to celebrate Hunter and Hudson, Jacks twin brother pals. Mommy couldn't go to this party..boys only!

But thats ok then it was an everyone can join party a few hours later as we made our way to celebrate David. We sure miss our Ingersoll neighbors! This party was a huge hit for Jack since he loves CC!

And the best for last was Mimi's 60th!! While I would have loved to have a brand new beautiful house to have an awesome party at..we don't (yet) so off to the $1 store to just get a few random things to make it sort of official. We did have fun and I promise a grand party for your 65 Mimi!

We have some major teeth scrubbing to do to tonight from all this cake. But what a fun weekend!

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