Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A sleepover with Mimi

Mimi came last night for a fun sleepover! She gave Jack and bath and put him to bed while we went out and enjoyed a drink and played trivia at a bar close to the house. It was fun for us to get out for a few hours and we didn't do so bad on the trivia either!.
Jack kept Mimi busy, lately he has spent more time with his trains, which he has always loved, but he decided in the last month that he wasn't going to use the train table and use the floor to build out his trains. While he doesn't do this on his own, he loves to help Kevin find pieces to fit and new ways to change the track. You can often hear "come play trains with me". We are working on adding a few more pieces to his train set but these things don't come cheap!

 Mimi found us a commuter train on clearance, yay!
 I saw a commerical on TV and told Mimi that Jack might like to have this game. It seemed simple enough for him to understand and something that would keep his attention.

 And that it did, we have played this over and over again :)

 The many adorable faces I was able to capture while he was playing :)

 and guess what...when Daddy got home he got to play too :)
 and... get ready for the cutest picture ever. When JACK was the one that broke the ice with the polar bear on it, this was his face. I melt. So cute!
 oh and I had to add this picture. While Mimi and I were talking Jack was playing with his trains and telling the bugs they were going to the beach. He was loading the bugs on the train and taking them to the beach. I'm tell you this kid doesnt stop thinking about THE BEACH! :)
 Thanks Mimi for a fun night with our ever so wild little boy!
I love 3, its a challenge for sure, he is all over the place but I love his energy and the things he comes up with! He makes us laugh non stop, and we enjoy him for that very reason!


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Hey Jessica! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog. Hope you have time to participate!