Friday, July 6, 2012

Whats-a-happenin' in July

Since my Dad told us that Jack did so well at the movies when he was here, we decided to take him again. There wasn't anything playing at the big movies that he could watch, so we opted to go check out a $1.50 movie of the Lorax. This place had a little dust on it and we probably won't ever go back, but I'm thankful that we only spent $1.50 per ticket. I think part of the problem was that we broke the parents cardinal rule of never wake a good sleeping kid.We did so and it was cranky city, that is until he saw the video games. Our time was short in the theater and on our way out I think we spent more to play video games than the cost of a movie ticket.

 We decided to high tail it out of there and go to a little nicer place :) We ended over at Fadis for dinner and it was so good, we will for sure be back. Jack loves hummus so he was in heaven with all the choices of different hummus you could get.

After dinner we went over to get some poppers at the firework stand and ended up with a few more cool things we didn't need... but you always get suckered in at the firework stand.

Today Jack had his first swim lesson at his new school and he did really well, I hope by going every day for two weeks he will improve even more.

We also joined a gym and we are motivated to get back to our old habits of going to the gym every day... Jack is loving the childcare center which makes it easier. I have been making good choices at lunch and hopefully sticking to it for a few weeks! While I was out to lunch in town square with my girlfriends I ran into my husband at lunch and then right before I was at a little store called Em & Lee and ran into my friend Mandell. But you have to be careful, I was at HEB the other day and ran into our realtor and I looked like a homeless person! ha ha But we are loving making this new area our home.

We are making the best of what we have in this kitchen and my little helper gets very excited to make breakfast each morning. We usually do eggs, bacon and fruit. Thanks Gran for getting us this awesome step up! He loves it. Here he is making the bacon in the microwave...
(PS- Jack you are rocking the potty training! We are SO SO SO proud of you!)

..and stirring the eggs.

Some bad news we got word out house won't start until another month or two, so that means more of a Jan/Feb move in :( Booooo! But sometimes you have to wait for what you want!

But good news that means I'm still closer for a little while to Sam Moon and Katy :)
 We love (ok maybe only I love) having an iphone now, I can ask my girlfriends if I should buy something and snap pictures instantly of Jack on his way out the door :)
 and one last thing...we purchased tickets to the circus! We sure hope Jack likes it, b/c those animals don't come cheap! Thank gosh for coupons from Chickfila!



Lili said...

have yet to go to SAM MOON! i heard they are so inexpensive!

Britney said...

OK, hands down you are the best mommy in the entire world!