Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Greatest Show on Earth

 I remember going to the circus when I was a little girl, getting so excited even before we were there and then loving every minute of the show and thinking how special I was for getting to see The GREATEST show on Earth. We talked about going all week and Jack found an elephant to bring with him and we even had a random book about the circus that he found to bring in the car :)

I remember wanting to go to EACH booth to check out everything there was to buy. Asking repeatedly if I could have it all and being told "pick carefully you can only have one thing". I would go to each booth, not knowing that each booth had the EXACT same stuff and waffle between wanting a light stick or a snow cone. I'm sure my parents gave in to more than one thing, how could you not...

And well, there we were as parents telling Jack those very words, but as you can see, we ourselves waffled fast and purchased just about everything there was in sight. We really lucked out getting our seats for just $15 bucks each, so it allowed us to spend a little in the frivolous merchandise and food area :)

The one thing I don't remember being able to do was go down to the actual 3 rings before the show started and check everything out up close and personal. It was so neat and Jack was right there in the action of it all.
 I think this is the only thing we didn't get food wise...ha

They even had Jack participate in the circus!

He wasnt sure what to think of the clown but once he started doing his act, he pushed his way to the front (by himself!!! ha) and was laughing really hard, it was so cute!

Once we got to our seat he said that he wanted to go home, we both got that look on our face thinking maybe he was to young for this, but what do you know.. there was a guy yelling if anyone wanted "smores on a stick". Jack of course did and soon forgot about wanting to leave. Once it started and we got past the fireworks and loud singing he was really engrossed in the show.

We had pretty good little seats!

He told us his favorite part of the show was the elephants, and I have to agree there is something so sweet about those gentle giants!
 waving hi to the elephants :)

We had the perfect seats to see it all and we stayed just past intermission to watch the tigers. There were times that Jack got a little scared for the tight rope walkers, it was really cute. His lovie would go over his eyes and often times we would catch him peaking out to see if they made it.

 oh yes we got one of these too ....

All in all it was a great experience, we will for sure take the GREATEST little boy to the GREATEST show on Earth again!



Maura said...

i LOVE the circus!!! i'm so jealous you got to go!!! and is Jack wearing little kid TOMS??? They are so cute!! And you look gorgeous as always!

Lea Liz said...

Oh my wasn't it awesome? We took Brody a few months ago and he loved it and we did too!!! I remmeber going as a kid but it is really awesome now :) Oh and we bought just about everything too, it is exspeive but worth it!
Love the pics looks like Jack loved it!!