Sunday, May 27, 2012

Office helper

These days Jack is very curious, he wants to know "where are we going", "what are you doing" and "what is this"...
I remember when I didn't have kids and I sometimes I would hear a kid asking their parents the same questions over and over again and I would say to myself JUST ANSWER your kid! So I make it a point when Jackson asks us something that we answer, even though now that I have a kid I realize how often those questions get asked.  :)
So the other day when Jack came into my office and asked "what is that" to the copier I explained all that it did. We did a test print from the computer and I showed him that I could print something from the computer. Then I showed him that I could use it to make copies of things.  The explanation seemed to satisfy him and we both went about our day. A few days went by and I noticed the house was pretty quiet so I called his name and he said "I'm in here".. I went into the office and found this...

He was making his own copies.. I laughed so hard! He was putting his hand in the copier and making copies of his hand, I found copies of my cell phone and copies of my calculator. I promise he wasn't unsupervised very long, once he was alone he got to work pretty fast! Maybe I should hire him  :)

 I know one day that little hand will be big and he won't need us to explain everything to him so we are soaking up all these precious moments of him exploring and getting a chuckle out of it too :) 

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Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

I hope you saved some of those! That's pretty funny, Jack!