Sunday, April 8, 2012

St. Martins Class Easter Party

 Jackson's class had an Easter party and hunt within the classroom. I came and dropped him off and then suited up in my Easter bunny costume and went around to all the classrooms to say hello. I forgot to get my picture taken but here are the pictures from his classroom party! Mimi was so kind to get all the kids in Jacks class taken care of with Easter treats and bunny juice boxes! Oh and the sunglasses too, ha!

 you see that huge dumpster in our yard? We are finishing up all the construction on our house to get it on the market. I only wish we did this all sooner, why is it that you wait until you want to sell your house to make it beautiful and perfect!?!

 How they get them all to sit so still at the same time and on a certain spot is still a mystery to me!


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