Monday, April 23, 2012

Helping Hands

We have been really busy trying to get the house spotless for the sale of our current home. 
We have had so much help from Jack, it really is the cutest thing...

Except when I left to go clean another window he yelled to Kevin that he was cleaning the dirty mess. Kevin went to go in to see what he was talking about and he had taken his diaper cream and started to make a mess on the window so that he could clean stinker!

 yup those are his little finger tracks all over the window!
 So we decided we need some more hands to help out with the cleaning and they worked their magic today!
 We are so beautiful inside and I hope the added touch of fresh flowers all around the house makes someone fall madly in love with our casa! PS- Did you know if you put equal parts water/7-up that tulips love it! They will last a really long time! Notice how much liquid is in the vase, it doesn't take much! I have had these guys since Wed and they are still beautiful 6 days later.
 We decided that dinner would be out tonight since the kitchen was wiped down and clean. Berryhill $2 taco night hit the spot and you know Jack was all over that free ice cream with sprinkles!
Oh and thanks Mimi for the fun safari shirt :)
Thats all we have, kinda boring over here, but we really hope to get some action in the next few weeks on our house and then I can share with you the big plans we have in for our little family!



The Crazy Castros said...

Can't wait Jess;))

Maple said...

When our house was one the market we ate at restaurants every single night! The thought of having to clean it for potential showings or having some residual smell that scared off the potential buyers was all the reason I needed to not cook :) Wishing y'all the best luck with showing and selling it!