Sunday, April 8, 2012

3rd Annual Easter Egg Hunt

We have been busy, my sister in law mentioned today how on the go we always are, well as I was looking through my pictures over the last two weeks I realized she is absolutely right! We are so busy all the time, I think since I work from home once Friday comes I am ready to get out of the house, so that we have done and here are all the posts to catch you up on our Easter festivities! 

This was our third year to co host with our wonderful neighbors on an Easter egg hunt. We worked really hard this year as it is not often that you get 130 of your friends together in one place, so was wanted to make it egg-tra special for everyone!We used three yards to make the egg hunt spread out and with 1,300 eggs to hunt for, there was no shortage of fun!

Jack and Wes know how to have a party that's for sure! As our house goes on the market in the next few weeks I can't help but think of how sad I am for this to be our last hunt in this yard. But I'm certain the tradition will carry on and we will find a way next year to make it happen again!

A quick picture with my two handsomes ...and off I ran to go get dressed for the party!
  My neighbor Debbie and I getting to enjoy all our hard work!
 in the bin we had bags with cheetos that looked like carrots that we found off pinterest. So cute!
by the time I was able to take pictures of my sister in laws adorable cookies that she made, there were only three left! She is super talented!
there was not shortage of food or snacks!
We made sure that everyone had a libation of choice!

 We used three connecting yards for the 1,300 eggs!

We had a craft area set up for the kids to do little Easter crafts that Debbie put together

 The bounce house was a huge hit!
 the Easter Bunny was a crowd favorite and he passed out the cutest little treats that we made
I loved seeing so many kids smile and I had so many that came up to us asking if they could come back to our house the next day, ha!

 We had a photographer at the event and so these are all my pictures that I was able to quickly snap, I look forward to adding more to this post of all our beautiful friends!
I told you fun was had by all :) 
Everyone got tons of eggs and we had an assortment of candy and toys
Our handsome little guy even if he does have a little messy face :) 

 What a fun year with so many wonderful families!
xo-  Jack & Wes



mandell said...

Been waiting for this post!! IT LOOK SO SO FUN!!! What a great way to celebrate with so many friends!

Lindsay said...

This looks ADORABLE! You guys put so much work into it and it came out awesome. When I have babies, I better be invited to your fabulous Easter Egg Hunt!! I might have to "borrow" a kid sooner so I can come next year!