Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rodeo 2012

I'm not sure how we are in the middle of the month of March already! This month is flying by, so I knew we had to get to the rodeo before it ended and today was the perfect day.

As you can see it was rainy and it was cold, but it ended up being great because there were no lines and we got to see everything we wanted and get home in time for a nap.
Our first stop was the petting zoo, which I'm not a huge fan of, but I don't think its really something you can miss when you are at the rodeo :)

This little guy was eager to get that food!
and we left just as soon as the Llama scared jack ..uh oh!
On to the sweetest little chicks, where we watched one peck through his egg.

Next up the piggies...
If this is not the funniest thing you have seen!?! The pig fell asleep eating and had his tongue out! so funny
Jack loved the cattle

but he really loved driving the John Deere tractors

and he even took Pops for a spin in the mustang...ha
We checked out the food and Jack begged for ice cream, so we made him eat a hot dog and then he got it...
We were not planning on riding any carnival rides (again I'm not a fan) but Jack insisted that we ride the Dumbo ride (I think he thought we were at Disney...) so we caved in and got tickets to ride two rides. (Do you see a pattern? He gets everything, spoiled!)

We had to visit the Mutton Bustin ....

Rain did not stop this little love from having the best time! Yeeeeeeehaw cowboy!


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