Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rainy Day

My friend Katie is in town for two weeks with her two boys. She lived in Houston (where we met) and is married to Atom Smasher (most of you old Houstonites will know the name from the radio) so the day she told me they were moving I was so incredibly sad. She has been such a great friend and so I make it a point to always meet up when she is in town! This weekend has been non stop rain city but she was so kind to drive from her parents house in Kingwood down to our place for a play date.

The boys had a blast today tearing through all the toys. We ordered pizza from Collinas and just sat around the house all afternoon with the kids, it was the perfect way to let the rain pass us by.

Isn't Coooper the cutest thing with those curls?
 This is us trying to rangle the wild children for a picture...Jack, Ryder and Cooper
Love it when we have VIP visitors in town!

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