Thursday, March 22, 2012

24 hours of crazy

Last Tuesday March 13th was a normal morning with a sudden turn at lunch. Jackson started screaming of pain, couldn't breath, and started freaking out telling us his tummy hurt. In turn I freaked out and with Nelvi we took him to our pediatrician office right away, we got right in within minutes of arriving. Our pediatrician said this was all classic symptoms of something called intussusception. They sent us right away to Texas Children's Hospital (TCH) for an immediate ultrasound scan. The scan found nothing, and I wondered if we should continue on with our planned vacation that we would leave on Thursday for. So I called the pediatrician and he said just keep eye on him but all should be well, recurrence on something like this is really slim. He was fine Wed and he was fine all day Thur. So we boarded our flight on Thur afternoon for our vacation! We arrived to our room and were shocked to see we were upgraded to a room that was almost as big as our house. Amazing!

 Everything was open/closed/turned on/off with the touch of the iPad!

 Here is the master bathroom, may we please meet again!

 View from our bedroom which jetted out a little 
to which I could picture the window that was our living room.
 These were delivered to our room
 We got in around 5 pm so we had to get dressed fast to meet our friends downstairs for dinner. We took a cab over to the MGM and had dinner at Shibuya

 After dinner we went to gamble...

 I kissed Kevin goodnight and I went up to the room while he went back down to play a little more poker

at 1: 30 am we got the call that baby boy was back at TCH. They had done a ultra sound and this time the intussusception was present and showing (so scary hearing this when you are so far away), but then when they went in to do it again (scan) it had relieved itself (best outcome you could hope for!!) but they had to monitor him over night. I was devastated that my sweet boy was in the hospital again and not with his Mom and Dad. However I knew that he was in great hands with our family who took such amazing care of him. We knew we had to say goodbye to Vegas and get home to the person that needed us the most. So we flew out at 6 am, arrived at 11 am and drove straight to TCH. When we arrived I got the most wonderful hug from Jack and I didn't want to let him go. He was playing iPad and was being held for observation and we were finally released on Friday night around 7 pm. 

Its been a week since this all happened and Jack has been fine and no new episodes of this has happened, which is a blessing! Vegas of course was something we were looking forward to, a little getaway with our friends, but at the end of the day there is no one more important than Jackson. 
You needed us baby and without question we will always be here when you need us! We love you so much!
Love Daddy & Mommy



Momma Wilson said...

omg - the room, the hospital, poor jack!!! I am so so so glad that he is all well now and that y'all were able to get home to your sweet boy so fast. Talk about scary!!! loves:)

Meg O. said...

1. You look incredible in that dress.

2. So sorry about little Jack. I am so happy he is doing better now, but what a scare!! You two are great parents and you're right - being there for him was more important!

Donna said...

How scary! I'm glad that he is doing well.

You look fabulous in that dress and I hope that y'all will get another opportunity for a Vegas escapade

The Crazy Castros said...

Oh Jess sooooo glad he's better;))) I would have been a mess too if I was away :((

Meet the Brummett's said...

Oh my how scary but thank God that your Jackson is all fine now! My husband and I stayed in one of the sky suites at Aria a little over a year ago and I dream of it every night! haha! By far my fave hotel in Vegas now ;)

The Nerdy Katie said...

That is so scary! I am glad y'all were able to make it back to him and he is doing better!!