Thursday, February 23, 2012

Zingo Bingo

 Do you Zingo Bingo??? If you don't you should...this game is hands down Jacksons favorite game right now. Its bingo made easy for little ones. We play this usually at breakfast and most of the time before book/bed time. I'm certain if you come to our house, you might have to play it..and watch out because Jack is actually really good!

 This is him getting mad at me for taking pictures, serious game playing around here. He was telling me "Mommy no more smile, STOP". He was saying the word STOP as I took this
 He is so funny though because on the card one of the bingo squares is a smile, so when he is looking for that does this face for
 or this one...
 and when he wins (or when he dances) for some reason he does his lips like this and wiggles his

And guess who won...Jack! Zingo Bingo Baby!

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Deidra Brown said...

Where did you order your sond needle point belts I love them?