Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring Cleaning a little early...we are organized!!

It feels so wonderful outside that we have been getting a head start on spring cleaning this year. Nelvi has been a huge help during the weekday and at nights I have then organized all the stuff she has cleared through. It feels so good to get EVERY closet and EVERY drawer in the house organized. We still have the toy room and the kitchen to go through but its coming along quite fast! 
Jack has been by her side and such a big helper. She tells him that all the time, so it was really cute when Kevin was putting the dishes away the other night, Jack looked at him and said "Daddy good helper" :) 

Jack has a ton of clothes and they were taking up too much space so we were trying to figure out how to store them. At first we were doing containers of clothes but those were getting large and we were running out of space! So I went to the Container Store in search of advise and they told me about these amazing bags that can hold a ton and you suck the air out of them and they magically shrinky dink your clothes :)
 so easy to use with your vacuum!
 You can pack a TON of stuff, this has I think 4 large pillows, comforter and a bed skirt and bedding for a twin bed we are not using right now.
 amazing! Now you might need to iron the heck out of it once you pull it out, but I figure by the time that happens they will need a re wash anyways!
 Moving on to the closets...

I finally got these hangers that I had been wanting for a while... something about color organizing your clothes makes you feel like you have an entire new closet full of possibilities! 
Stuff you forgot you had has been found!

 Even the shoes are off the floor and into a new home of their own!
The most time consuming room was my office. Oh took me ALL night up until the wee hours doing this, but it was mind boggling how much I had! I was just buying fabric and crafts for the project I was doing "right then"...knowing that I had what I had just purchased "somewhere" its great to have it all organized and have access, even if I do have 5 of the same glitter...
..but my favorite part was finding all my ribbon and putting it in one place. I'm pretty certain I have just about every color! Oh so happy!

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