Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mardi Gras 2012

This past Friday we packed up the car along side our neighbors and we all headed down to Galveston.  Kevin's parents place down there is the perfect location and layout for us to have friends over. 
(Thanks Gran and Grandpa!) 

 It was great having a friend to keep Jack entertained 
and the boys had a complete blast asking for treasure beads :)

 We arrived just before sunset on Friday....what a nice way to relax after a long week!

Once we all got settled in we took our friends to our favorite place on the island... Shrimp and Stuff for a little fried food. The annex to the restaurant was wide open, so we took seat in there and let the boys run wild so that we could enjoy our hush puppies and daiquiris!

We then packed in and headed over to the Strand, it was the perfect night for us check out downtown. It was not crazy at all, tons of kids lined the streets and there were lots of beads to be had by all. The boys quickly learned how to put the smile on and the hands out! 

 We made sure that they got the same stuff, and everyone was so nice to always toss us TWO of everything. I think it helped that we dressed them like twins the entire time we were down there :) So fun!
They loved these blinking light necklaces!

  We had so much fun and got to see so much. Check out these beautiful Budweiser horses. 
Did you know they weight 2300 pounds EACH? wowzers!

The next morning we all had breakfast together and then we decided to hit up the Galveston Train Museum. 

 We each have a train table in our house, and while Jack has been here before, what boy doesn't love being able to climb aboard real trains?! So we took our friends to see the rail yard and we had the entire place to ourselves! Perfection!

 We planned the morning just perfect and we got lunch to go in the car and headed back to the Seawall for the noon parade. We dressed the boys in the same gear and they looked adorable and almost like twins! We for sure put that to good used and ended up with a slew of beads up to our chins! We were out there for a good hour or two collecting everything tossed our way. 
While we waited for the parade to start we fed the birds and that was the jackpot...these boys LOVED feeding the seagulls!

  Wes and Jack each have an iPad and so they both know the app called Angry Birds... so when they got each got tossed a bird...they couldn't have been more giddy! Jack however calls the app "Bad Birds" he was super excited to get a bad bird of his

 We came home to hang out..Wes took a nap ...and our little was not interested :) ha
 Once everyone was up we went for a yummy dinner at Tortuga on the Seawall . 
It was a little chilly at night but we braved the cold and picked up a few glow swords for the boys and caught a quick parade. We called it an early night and I think everyone was a-ok with that!

  Daddy read the boys a few stories and without fuss these two loves went to bed right away!
 We couldn't have picked better guests, we really do have the best neighbors! How fun to be able all do a mini vacation just a short drive from our backyard!

Sunday morning our guests departed as they had a birthday party back in Houston to attend. We stayed around a few more hours and then packed up. 
 Before we left back home we checked out my favorite beach store Murdock's. We also used a gift card that Mimi had given to Kevin for his birthday last year... for lunch at Joe's Crabshack! 

 I love that we are only an hour away from this heaven... Jack is one lucky little boy!


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looks like you all had an awesome time!!