Monday, January 2, 2012

Potty Treats

 We are trying something new. Mimi found this treat dispenser and put Jacks Potty Treats on it. We started tonight letting Jack know that he would get 1 m&m for sitting on the potty, 2 for going potty and 3 for going ..well you get the idea. He of course really liked this idea and wanted to even cut his bath short so that he could go sit on the potty again. 

Lets see if this works, I have seen our neighbor going through the potty training and it looks a little exhausting... but we all have to do it so here we go :)
 I hope that we won't have to keep blogging about potty business for long!


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Anonymous said...

Stickers work well too and if you get enough you get a treat at the end of the week. Let him pick out his new underwear too. Also helps if a friend is "trying" too. Hope he's an "early" boy, most I've had haven't trained til 3; they're too busy with LIFE!!! Takes to long to think about going. Good luck!