Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sweet Rise and Shine

 This morning we rolled out of bed to see Mimi bright and early waiting for us! She brought with her a bag of goodies to make candy cane reindeer so that Jack has little gifts to pass out at Christmas, while I realize this might show off the the reindeer a little early, I just had to share the pictures because it was too sweet!

 But first we started out showing Mimi where the birds and the bird houses were on our tree...
 ..then it was over to show Mimi his train (Daddy played around with the set up and changed it up for Jack)

 ..and over to Jacks tree to find the Ski Bear, where he repeatedly said "I don't know, where is it?"
 ...thank gosh we found it!
 We got dressed for the day and ready for our craft project with Mimi

 So much fun and I love that I too did this with Mimi when I was little! Jack still has a while before he can really sit still for an entire round of crafts, but he was a perfect helper counting out two eyes for the reindeers! So cute :)

All of this done before 9 am! Wow!


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