Tuesday, December 27, 2011

PJ switcharoo

Last week around 11 pm when Jack was supposed to be sound asleep, we heard him shuffle around in his crib. We didn't think much about it since he is a sleeper that moves around a lot. After a few minutes of quiet and we thought we were good to go to bed. All of a sudden we heard "Daddddddddddddddddy". So Kevin went in his room and then asked for me to come in. Jack had decided after being asleep for several hours, he was waking up to undress himself and demanding a pj change into his Lighting McQueen pajamas...omg what? Yep...so we changed him and then he went right back to sleep.. so odd, but so funny!
Oh the life of a 2 year old :)


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Jane said...

Hutch will not wear pjs right now. He will only wear a nasty stretched out gray shirt with firetrucks on it, and a pair of Cannon's (yes, my 9 year olds) boxers that have hamburgers all over them! It's crazy, he actually knows when they are being washed and dried and goes to the dryer to get them out to wear! So funny, they certainly have little minds of their own!!