Saturday, November 19, 2011

Via Colori Festival

This morning we headed over to the street festival where artisans were busy at work with chalk making beautiful portraits of their choosing. There were so many neat ones to look at, and it would have been even better once they were all finished but it looks like they all had some work to do! 
With highs in the high 70's it surely doesn't feel like Christmas is around the corner...but we still had a fun morning enjoying the beautiful weather!

 There were so many amazing projects going on, it was awesome to watch these masterpieces come to life!

 We got side tracked for a little while because the park had ducks for us to go check out...

 If you are ever looking for a place to take photos the darling old houses off Bagby Street are perfection! 
We take Jack's Easter pictures here every year and just love them!

 I had not been inside the houses, because I believe are reserved for tours and the doors have always been locked. However because they were decorating them for the holidays one of the doors was open...and we invited ourselves in....
The wood on the walls is just delicious for pictures. I had grand ideas for pictures with Jack, but he was not interested, so I took advantage of a picture for myself! Love those walls! Aaaaamazing!
 On to the next house, isn't this porch just delightful!?

 After perusing the houses we got back on track for the festival...
 We found a free booth that we could do sand art, fun!

 Some of these artists were amazing, we couldn't believe our eyes, the definition was unreal!

 Then we found these sweet twin brothers who were in 8th grade. We watched them for a little while and decided these boys were the winners in our eyes!
 High five!
 ...and so Jack placed his vote! 
You were to go around putting dollars in the buckets to vote on your favorites.

 I love how there were big corporations and sweet little families that all had entered in the competition. 
They ALL were so talented and we loved being able to share the morning with them in action!



The Crazy Castros said...

You SOOOO have to tell me when this festival is next year~~ mya (10 year old) is an artist she would love it!! This is the downfall of living in the burbs :(

Chelsea said...

How fun! I didn't even know that event existed in Houston. On another note, I love your outfit!! Where is it from? So cute!

KJJ Houston said...

Chelsea sorry I cant see your blog its private so I dont have a way to reply :(

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

That is so cool! Love the house walls, too! And your outfit is adorable!

Happy Thanksgiving!