Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jack is reading!

First check out these pictures from this morning...he finally let me do his hair and I thought he looked so darn cute!

This is "show me excited"
 This is "show me strong man"
 and well this is...Mommy I'm done ..see ya later!
We started a few months ago with Meet the Sight Words, a DVD series that Grandma Strehlow purchased. I wasn't sure on what to expect, but it has proven to be the best purchase!! A sight word is any word that is known by a reader automatically. Sight words are the basis behind the whole-word approach to reading education. There are three discs in the set and we have now gotten through all three with great success! My mom was over the other day and wrote out a few short easy sentences using the sight words that he has recently learned...and he was able to recite them all! I finally was able to capture it today on camera :)

A light just switched one recent morning and he is all about words now, he tries to spell everything. For example we were in the car and just left The Home Depot, when I over heard him trying to recite the word Depot. Bless his heart he was a few letters off, but he is trying and doing so well! He is even sounding simple words out, such as bus (he did this last night).  He can spell off memory simple words such as cat and dog. I know it will soon that he is putting all this together and reading books to us!

I am so proud of our little guy, he amazes us all every day!


Meg O. said...

He looks so debonaire with that hair!! What a cutie. And wow- that reading program sounds awesome! I'll have to remember that when my baby is old enough!

Jane said...


Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

That is amazing!!! Love the hair, too!

Elle Sees said...

aww too cutey cute.