Saturday, October 8, 2011


 Kevin was in the car with Jack the other day and started singing to a song on a CD he had playing, and it quickly came to halt when baby boy said "shhh Daddy"... ha
We wondered where he learned that from and were puzzled, who was telling who to shhh in our family, we don't use that word to each other, so we were puzzled. Then we realized we tell Buckley (our dog) to shhhhh all the time when he barks. Ah ha, he picked up on us telling the dog to shhh and now is telling us to shhh, just great! So its probably not the best that we provoked it for the video, but some things are just funny even if its not the best manners :)



Kelly's Avenue said...

LOL This is toooooo cute!!!

Candice said...

It's funny that you mention this. My son has recently started telling us to stop talking. He'll say "Stop the story. Stop talking". Over and over. Little stinker. Oh the joy of 2 year olds :)