Thursday, October 6, 2011

Night Night

Having a 2 year old is so much fun (and tiring too!). Jack is starting to use his imagination more and comes up with so many things that make us laugh!
This afternoon before his nap, he took a tissue and wrapped his lego alien in a "bwanket" and told him "ni-night" and took him to bed with him. I wasn't in there to see him do it, but once he fell asleep Nelvi took it out of his crib brought it to my office. I had a trying morning with painters not showing it made me laugh to see this.

The baseboards are finally painted (they did eventually show up), Jack is still sleeping from swim class and I have this funny three eyed alien wrapped up on my desk.

I really needed that smile!

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Candice said... cute! My son is just a few months older than Jack and his mind/logic is constantly surprising me!