Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ballunar Night Glow

We were supposed to go the Fire Festival this morning but Mommy got really sick during the night and had to sleep through the morning to rid of either a quick bug or a dehydration issue. Either way I have liquids in me now and the sleep broke my fever around 2 pm today. I didn't want this to stop us from going to the Ballunar Festival at Johnson Space Center, so I was glad that I was feeling better by the time 4 pm rolled around. 

We packed up the car and headed to Nasa to see all the hot air balloons and the night glow! While I have actually been in a hot air balloon (talk about amazing), I had never seen a night glow with so many balloons, it was such a treat for all of us to participate in
....especially since we had front row seats and were SO close to it all!

 Check out that popcorn face!

 Jack was holding us tight, he loved the colors but when they fired up the balloons he got a little scared..

 Look how close we were! So neat!

We will for sure do this again next year, it was a beautiful evening!


Chas said...

Jack's weekends never disappoint! I love that VV vest, if you ever see VV stuff again on the cheap in Houston CALL ME. I also just remembered that I didn't go to the tag sale with you...ended up with a fussy girl and doctor visit Friday to up her reflux medicine. Feeling much better now (both of us!).

Lindsay said...

Those balloons are so pretty at night! You guys find the coolest places to go on the weekends!

Candice said...

How fun! I love the last pic of Kevin and Jack...too cute!

Meg O. said...

Hey! You were in my neck of the wood! Neck time you're here, let me know!