Friday, September 23, 2011

Orlando Vacation 2011 Day Four

We got up had an easy morning because we were lucky to get a 3 pm check out, so we played around the pool again and just tried to soak up another day with Papa. It was so sad to say good bye, we only wish that we could squeeze out the states between Texas and Florida, so that we could be a little closer :(
But we had such an amazing time that we will be back soon! We love ya'll... it was the best vacation!

I think all the gogogogogogo finally caught up to little Mr.
He was so tired and wanted to go night night that he went right up to Mickey and layed down next to him!
Cutest thing ever (minus the fact that he is laying on a dirty airport
And no, we did not let him nap there :)
Bye bye Florida , you were good to us!


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