Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pedal & Helmet

 We are two for two! Successful at putting on the helmet and using the feet to push the pedals on his trike! Our loving toddler has been refusing to do both ever since we got this tricycle for his birthday. 
However the other day his best friend, Wes from next door, joined us on a bike ride and he was wearing a helmet and using his pedals...monkey see monkey do! 

 He was soooo interested in our neighbors building supplies being delivered via fork lift (aka tractor), boys love to watch these things. As new houses replace the old ranch homes (sad) it does provide for some great free entertainment for the toddler boys on our street!

We can hardly contain the excitement in our house, ha!!  
The things you get excited about when you have kids makes me smile!
Here is a video of Jack using his feet to pedal his trike!


The Nerdy Katie said...

My little guy is almost 3 and we are looking for bikes for him now. I'm kinda scared! Can't wait to meet you Sunday, I am so happy there are more Moms in the group, for a while it was just me lol.

Jane said...

Hutch calls everything tractors (sounds more like crackers tho). Love Jack's helmet, so cute!!

Anonymous said...

You need to visit WI for our cooler weather... I also have bikes and swings and a sandbox! Plus 2 dogs and 2 cats to play with and they are all very used to small kids. Plus Lynne has her cabin and a paddle boat. Did I mention it's much cooler here? High of 79 today! Have fun at Disney! I did with my kids.