Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Exploring Houston

 Raised in Austin I feel like I know every little spot in the city, but once I moved to Houston I was a little lost with where to start! But we quickly found our home here and we are always trying to find new things to explore. One afternoon we stumbled upon a really fun little park in Bellaire, and saw lots of bird watchers and off in the distance an old two story house. I had wondered what the house was but it wasn't until my girlfriend Nicole messaged me about the Nature Discovery Center, that it finally connected, that was the little house I had always seen!
So while the heat was up to 106 + on Sunday we decided to go visit the Nature Discovery house at 7112 Newcastle. The home was built in 1925 by Earl Edwards, President of Sealy Mattress Company. Frank Henshaw then purchased it and was Bellaire Mayor from 1935-37. The Estate was purchased in the summer of 1983 by the Friends of Bellaire Parks and is now maintained as a nature preserve with help from generous donations of the late Ginzbarg Family.

Up the stairs we go to explore....

 They have about 40 different explorer boxes, we choose to crush lavender which we got to take home and sprinkle in the bath!


It's quite old and isn't in the best of shape, but it's a place to discover ...
and it was fun as were were the only people there!Oh and its free!



The Crazy Castros said...

You guys are sooo cool;))) love the memories you guys are capturing w Jack!!!!

the norman family said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. your little boy is beyond precious. love those curls!