Sunday, August 21, 2011

The coolest Aunt & Uncle ever

Jack you have the best Aunt & Uncle, they worked so hard for a week figuring out how to put together an outdoor movie theater in their backyard. Saturday night the hard work came together and they put on the best family movie night ever! We loved swimming in the pool, eating popcorn, indulging on homemade ice cream, snacking on bite sized bruschetta, drinking vino/watermelon margaritas and watching Toy Story 3!
 My camera had a hard time capturing it, but the picture was soooo clear and it was so neat to be swimming and watching a movie! 

 The next morning we got up and went out to the preserve behind their home in the Woodlands and enjoyed a fresh morning walk with the dogs!

Thank you Aunt Stacy & Uncle Joe, you are awesome!



cMe said...

Oh wow, what a fun idea! And the bruschetta looks so yum!

Momma Wilson said...

How fun, I see this is our future!