Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun math

 Fun math? Can those go in the same phrase? Well I found a game that starts to show the basic understanding of math but makes it really fun and easy. Jack can only last a few times before he wants to move on to something else, but I'm certain he will get this in no time, and if he doesn't that's ok too...afterall its for ages 4+ :)

You twirl the spinner and land on a number. Then you count out the number of lady bugs to get to each number

Then you add all the lady bugs up and put the final number in the box. Jack of course needed our help on this but he was really good at finding all the numbers at the end!

                                     Kevin is such an amazing Dad, I'm so thankful every day for him!



Kelly's Avenue said...

Not a fan of math, but that looks pretty cool!!!

p.s LOVE that room they are in

Donna said...

That is so awesome. I'll have to check it out for my lil one.