Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chateaux Fendrich & Family time

 This past weekend one of my best friends, Lawren hosted a weekend retreat in what I like to call Chateaux Fendrich. So Friday afternoon I left this sweet boy, who hardly noticed because he is loving the Cars DVD that grandpa got him, and went to Austin.

Each of us girls had our own room at Lawren's beautiful house and were greeted with the best little out of town bags filled with treats and girly adornments galore! 
Meredith, Lawren, Heather, Me, JaneE
 Trio of margaritas? Yes please!
 Wine & Painting
and lots of Mommy laughs, which is good for the soul!
 But after a few of those laughs you miss the laugh of this little guy and can't wait to rush back home for family time, which is just what I did. We headed over to Grandmas house and had a delish dinner and met up with Aunt Stacy and Uncle Joe too.

Another great weekend in our books!


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Jane said...

Wow, Lawren's house is GORGEOUS!!! Sweet treats she left you all too, it has to be good if it's from Luxe! It was SOOO good to see you, and meet your friends. Thanks for including me. Love you!