Sunday, July 31, 2011

Over the top train and Pool splashin in Sienna

                   Yesterday we had the pleasure of attending two of Jacks friends birthday parties!

First up was our neighbor William who turned 2. He had a Two Two Train Party at 9: 30 am to help beat the heat. Johanna out did herself yet again! Jack had a ball and jumped from one activity to the next, those three hours went by so fast ...and who doesn't love snow cones and cake for breakfast?!

Wes came by to walk with us over to the party and these boys were ready for some train fun! All aboard!

 He spotted the train sets and was a happy little boy!

 How cute is the sidewalk?

 more please.....
 Then we hit up the craft station and decorated trains and frames for our room!

 The birthday boy :)

 You will notice he has a short set on entering the bounce house, Jack had so much fun his buttons all came popping off..ha! Thank gosh we live on the same street so that I could run home to get new pants. ooops!
 pants on and ready to slide!

                                            Jack got a few licks at the train pinata!
 In the sea of bows, adorable outfits and hungry candy kids, Jack was able to find his way in there to get a few goodies himself :)
                            aaaaaaaaaaamazing! Dining room...... turned train station!    

After a really long nap we woke up packed up and headed to Missouri City for Lacy's 4th birthday splash party. By then the sun was out and it was hot, so the pool was the perfect retreat for the afternoon!
I forgot my camera so phone pictures are all we had, boo!

 Jack loooooved their backyard, its huge and backs up to a river, there was so much room for this little boy to run wild!
 And of course this fish was the first one in the pool!
Happy Birthday Lacy!
                                               oh and why not...more cake? yes please!
 It was much cooler inside and Jack loved checking out all the sculptures and art in the house. I loooove their house, if I could post about the entire interior I would, its amazing!
 While the girls opened up barbies and such, Daddy & Jack just sat back in the cart and relaxed! It really was such a fun afternoon with friends, and what better thing to do on a Saturday then watch your kids having a blast! 

We are so thankful to have such friendships!
Cheers to two special little friends!


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Lea Liz said...

That train party is amazing!! How much fun!! Love Jackson's smockde train outfit, he is just too cute!!!