Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Party planning!!!

 It's June, and that means an amazing, awesome, sweet, smart, funny little boy is going to be turning TWO this month! Due to my crazy work schedule we are celebrating Jack's birthday over the 4th of July! We couldn't be more excited to head down to Grandma/Grandpas timeshare in Galveston for the long weekend. Since it's just family attending its allowing me to focus on some fun crafts! I have seen this picture on a few blogs and had to test it out! I did a test run over the weekend and wanted to share on what the fam will be sipping from!

Here is how I did it...
 I went to my local cake supply store and purchase the following
  • white choc confectionery coating
  • red/white/blue non pareils.
I took a double cooker, boiling water in the bottom and then putting the 2nd pan on top with the confectionery coating. I allowed it to heat up for a few minutes and then I mashed it all together, creating a thick chocolate paste. I tried to dip the glass in the chocolate but it just wasn't coating it the way I wanted. So I put on a plastic glove and used my finger to coat the inner/outer edge. I then just dipped right into the non pareils! I put it in the freezer for a min after it was dipped so that it would firm up. 

Worked like a charm!

                                                          Hurry up 4th of July!!


Meg O. said...

That is adorable! What a lovely idea.

cMe said...

These are super cute! Might have to steal the idea for a first birthday party next summer. :)

joe and stacy said...

That turned out so great! Lovely work! Looking forward to the big day. :) s