Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Fathers WEEKEND!

This year we are celebrating all weekend one super "wow cool" Dad! If you haven't heard me say it buy now one of Jackson's favorite things to say when he sees something that he wants/loves is "wow cool". So yesterday when I was running at lunch with one of my girlfriends, I came up with the wow cool idea to incorporate to his gifts. Jack and I think it turned out really cute, especially for pulling it together all last night!

This morning Kev had a smile on his face and we just couldn't wait to share all this cute stuff. So here is what we did:

We made a cooler to tell Dad how "wow cool" he is, and put all his favorite treats that we never keep in the house!

Then my girlfriend and I decided that next weekend (yes on Jacks real birthday) we will do a BBQ in the evening (since we are celebrating Jacks birthday over the 4th of July) at their house and the girls will do the cooking!

Up for this weekend is a date night this evening with Mommy, destination unknown (guess we better make some reservations!)

And the grand finale is a tee time tomorrow morning so that he can get home to watch the rest of the US Open.

A sweet little handmade gift by Jack and I'm pretty sure we have a really happy Daddy on our hands!


Happy Fathers Day as well to our amazing Dads/Grandpas who we adore so much! Hugs and Kisses xoxo

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Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

How cute! You're so creative!!

Jack is so funny. When Christian was about that age, and he saw something that excited him, he would get wide-eyed and shout out, "WHOA!! LOOK AT THAT!"