Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bring me more please!

We had probably one of the best dinners for a couple reasons, it was Grans Birthday!!, Jack was such a well behaved boy, Uncle Joe's iPhone saved the night, we had an amazing breeze, and I think we found my new favorite restaurant in Houston! So please bring me more nights just like this, it was perfect and I think we all still have some big smiles!

 yummm homemade six week aged sauerkraut...not!! lol but Gran loves it and Aunt Stacy has quite the food blog so it really was a thoughtful gift, but I made certain that is not on my birthday list :) ha!
 a framed picture of our new family portrait :)
 our iPad was out of battery, so thank gosh for Uncle Joes iPhone and youtube videos of old time Mickey!

 Our favorite pair!
 Cheers to Grans birthday ...and grandpa is obviously doing VERY well from his surgery! ha :)
 The food was soooooo yummy!


Our sweet angel boy who has a birthday of his own coming up in two weeks!

 Jack with Gran and Grandpa!
 Such a great little family we have! Oh and don't forget about Gokul, he is basically part of our family! The best family friend you could ever have!
 Gran with all her babies! Love this picture :)



Lili said...

we LOVE brio! did you take your little guy to play in city centre's "grass" field? btw, LOVE your ring!

e8ght888 said...

OMG! I had such a great evening with my 6 favorite people!!! Thank you, thank you!!!!!

Jane said...

I love that you all are so close, and get together so much! Very sweet. Brio looks AWESOME! Hutch has those same shoes as Jack is wearing, they are our summer staple!

Karen At Home said...

Brio is one of my favorite restaurants!!! I just love the dipping oil with their brea, yummy!!! It looks like you had a wonderful time!!!