Sunday, June 12, 2011

3 hour naps!!

 We love three hour naps..and the reason he takes them is because of SUPER FUN WEEKENDS!

Party time at Zack's 3rd Thomas train birthday @ Monkey Bizness Jump

Oh yes that is Mommy!

 Jumping around so much it was hard to take a picture!

 The birthday boy, I love how Marianne has the train hat on from the party  bags! ha :)

 I tried to put his train hat on, but he wasn't having it, he wanted me to "op" (open) the sucker!
 Today its been fun in the sun with our super fancy water park ..The Strehlow slip/slide
 Isn't this the cutest chair you have ever seen? I got it last year and he just took a liking to it :)
 Wes and Jack had a blast!

 Sweet neighbors!


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Mama K said...

Definitely looks like a fun weekend!! I love that umbrella chair!! Glad y'all are doing well :)