Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We have a birthday boy

 Well not Jack, but his Daddy this week! 
Happy Birthday to my amazing husband and wonderful father to our son...you are the absolute best!

Kevin's parents came over and took us to the best place you can go with an almost 2 year old...Mission Burrito! This is place is perfect for our family right now and we had so much fun watching Jack go down the slide and toss the mulch around, after we asked him not to... but sigh he is a boy! Any who Kevin's birthday is coming up this Friday and we are leaving on a jet plane for a week...with no Jack. While we will miss our sweet boy we are so excited and won't have any worry with sweet Mimi and Nelvi taking wonderful care of him! Kev's parents really treated him swell this birthday and even got him some vacation clothes for our paradise we are headed for! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for a wonderful night out! Isn't it so much more fun with a toddler? I just love our time together when he can talk and smile at the two of you!
 Gma is so creative I love this card, thank you!!!

 Daddy trying on one of his new hats!
 My husband LOVES to wear these shirts when we go on vacation!
I think its like a party in a shirt! Makes me happy!
 Jack you were such a good eater tonight...and Mommy didn't use a table cover, oops!

 and we come to my favorite picture of the night....Jack and Gpa giving each other some dap!
 and watch out, Gpa knows how to make his dap explode! We are one hip famiy! ha ha ha
 We love giving high fives!!

We love you Daddy! Happy Birthday!



e8ght888 said...

Again, we so much enjoyed spending time with you three! It was delightful sitting in the beautiful weather watching Jack evenly splitting his time between us and the playground. He is more *Wow Cool* every time we see him!

The George Family said...

We are new followers to your blog.... we are relocating to Houston this summer- and I have to tell you THANKS! I have found so much information on your blog... we have two kids- a three year old son and a one year old daughter- so it has been great! Hope you have a great trip, sans baby boy, it is well worth it! --Katie
PS- my hubby seems to love those damn shirts too.... why is that? The people at his new company most likely think he is crazy when he wears them on friday!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday to Kevin!!!! LOVE the pic of Jack giving Gpa dap, love it!!! You have such great in-laws, you are blessed!

cMe said...

You look GORGEOUS in that first photo!!!