Monday, May 2, 2011

Love those sayings!

 No pictures just a few funny moments over the weekend and today that I wanted to remember.

1. Your teacher told us today in our parent/teacher conference that you are the youngest in the class but you wouldn't know it. She says you are the only one that knows all your letters and numbers. We are so proud of you and your review was awesome, we didn't expect anything less!

2. Your teacher said that Oliver (your best pal in class) fell down the other day and you ran over to him, put your arm on him and said "it's ok, it's ok" twice to him. Which is exactly what we say to you, such a sweet boy!

3. This weekend your toes were caught in your shoe strap. You kept telling Daddy "stuck" over and over but we were not getting what you were saying. Then once Dad realized it, he quickly fixed your shoe. You then looked at him and said "cool" and got up and walked away. Hilarious!

4. You love to tell us "high five" and sometimes you want high five from our hand and sometimes from our feet, because as we know we have 5 fingers and 5 toes, so five is five in your book baby! This weekend however you told Buckley to give you high five, so you waited patiently but when he didn't give you high five, you lifted his paw and made him give you high five. You love those dogs!

You are so much fun, we love watching you grow and all the new things you are doing! xo Mom & Dad


cMe said...

So cute and smart!!

Jane said...

He is so darn smart! Precious!